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The Initiative

Plan... Educate ...Recognize...


We assist employers and community representatives in devising a plan to build a culture of flexiblity for work and life.


The Initiative provides education panels and events about topics and causes that can provide resources for work and life.


We recognize employers and community leaders doing innovative work  to benefit others in their work and personal lives.


Flexible Workplace Initiative Objectives:


  • To Promote Business Success - employers that are effective and flexible are more likely to have employees who are engaged, satisfied with their jobs, want to remain with their employers and are in better physical and mental health;

  • To Promote Employee Success - employees who work in effective and flexible workplaces are less stressed and have a better fit between their work and personal or family lives; and

  • To Promote Community Success - communities that have effective and flexible workplaces can attract new employers as well as address community economic development issues.

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