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The Flexible Workplace Initiative continues to provide opportunities to promote building a business case for enhancing our community.  Our projects started back in 2010 with  the Flexible Workplace Employer desigination, Flex in the City and the When Work Works Award (formerly Alfred P Sloan Award).

Now, our new endeavors include education, economic development, and Public-Private Partnerships. Please  read more about this information below.

The Flexible Workplace Initiative has expanded its offering and services to  continue assisting communities with projects to include community opportunities for economic development. 

From the beginning the initiative has been about education.  Facilitating opportunities to learn how to build a business case for those issues that affect our community.  Opportunities to learn from each other has always been the base for our educational panels with the top executives sharing their strategies for their perspective organizations.


Now, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the Initiatives' strategies and educational materials.


At the Initiative, we love opportunities to create synergy.  We strive to create opportunites to learn and grow and give back to the community.  Our economic development projects provide mentoring and personal development opportunities for youth, employers and our aging community.

The Initiative has a vision to assist the community by providing housing services to young adults with intellectual disabilities and provide assisted living for our aging 55+ workers.  In the coming years we looking forward to working with community partners to provide services in the community to work toward the goal of quality housing for this demographic market.

The Initiative is currently seeking Public-Private Partnerships to provide management and training services on both a local and global scale.  We embrace opportunities to help communities to develop and grow, providing effective strategies that create success.  If you have a project that would meet this criteria, please contact us.

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